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Elite Auto Storage, a division of Chart Automotive Group, Inc., has created space for storing your
Vintage, High Performance, Classic, or other cars in its climate-controlled Chart Club facility.

The Chart Club is an automotive & commercial wholesale club, conveniently located off I-170 just north of Lambert International Airport. The entire building is protected with full security and sprinkler systems. As an added benefit, storage customers gain free membership to the Chart Club for the duration of their storage, or a free year’s membership after four months of storage.

The Chart Club offers a broad array of lubricants, professional detailing products, consumer appearance products and consumable parts. Most recently, the Chart Club has become home to St. Louis Race Gear at the Chart Club, which stocks RaceQuip brand racing helmets, racing suits, racing shoes, and racing gloves, as well as Traqgear SFI 3 racing apparel, and sells all major brands of racing safety equipment as well as Covercraft Custom Car Covers and more.

The number of spaces is limited as is the size of vehicle that can be accommodated, but the individual vehicle spaces are large.

Please call 314-227-2064 Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, for details.

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